Mythica Masks


Masked BuddhaI have delighted in creating artwork since I was a small child. I made my first mask at the age of six, an owl crafted from papier mache. I went on to explore my imagination through drawing, painting, photography, and dance, and have incorporated those disciplines into my current focus on mask making and costume design.

I became fascinated by mask making as a student in the Depth Psychology graduate program at Sonoma State University. I found that masks are powerful tools for exploring the inner world of the psyche. They have the magical ability to bring hidden aspects of the Self to the surface where they may be seen and acknowledged. At the same time, the mask hides the persona, the face that we normally show the world. This provides the unique experience of being temporarily free from the habits and expectations of that identity.

In 2005 I began experimenting with the technique of wet-forming leather, and was instantly captivated by the sculptural possibilities of the material. There really is nothing else quite like it! I love the process of transformation that the leather goes through as I work with it: softened by water, dried by air and heat, the shapes emerge in an alchemical dance.

As I learn more about my inner world through this work I feel inspired to share the experience with others. It is my wish to teach the art of mask making as a way to gain a deeper understanding of the Self. Through creating my own masks, I wish to share beauty, wonder, and mystery with the world.